Wendy Barrie-Wilson as "Regina Giddens"

Pictured with Kerry Shanklin, Katie Schirtzinger, Tony Roseboro. Also in the cast, Dudley Swetland, Ed Vaughn, Michael Schirtzinger, Michael Lorr, Toni Tinsley, Rick Clark.

Directed by Geoffrey Nelson

Wendy Barrie-Wilson
 Regina Giddens
Lillian Hellman's
at CATCo Theatre, Columbus, Ohio
"Wendy Barrie-Wilson is magnificent as the ambitious Regina, suggesting a childlike sense of play along with a mental control that could put Hedda Gabler in her place. And she avoids the stereo-types of evil; we see a dangerous woman but also a threatened soul making her best bid in an arrogant man's world." Columbus Alive
"Wendy Barrie-Wilson ...reveals Regina's avarice, ambition and masterful manipulation of her two brothers and dying husband....this is a performance worth watching, one that builds to a chilling peak and bitter afterglow." 
The Columbus Dispatch 
"...a compelling play with nothing but star performances."
The Eastside Messenger 
"Wendy Barrie-Wilson... a stong and seductive plotter, an updated Lady MacBeth, who will stop at nothing to achieve her own ends." 
The Delaware Gazette
"Regina, played superbly by Wendy Barrie-Wilson, leads the cast as Regina, providing a mesmerizing demonstration of the way Southern charm can be used to put a crafty woman on an equal footing with the men around her .... Every pause, every glower, every insincere smile is perfectly executed." The Other Paper