Alabama Shakespeare Festival 
Les Liaisons Dangereuses
by Christopher Hampton

Tourvel & Valmont

Tourvel & Rosemonde
Directed byMartin Platt
Greg Thornton (Valmont) 
Wendy Barrie-Wilson (Tourvel) 
Greta Lambert (Merteuil) 
David Harum (Danceny) 
Betty Leighton (Mme de Rosemonde) 

"As to which is better - this production or the cinematic version, “Dangerous Liaisons”...there is no contest whatsoever. Academy Awards aside, the play leaves the film in the dust. Wendy Barrie- Wilson as Tourvel, Valmont’s victim, is particularly effective."
The Aumnibus

"…a cast almost unprecedented at ASF in strength and talent. Wendy Barrie-Wilson draws her audience into the tragic pain of her destructive love for the Vicomte de Valmont."
Alabama Journal

"As in the movie’s Michelle Pfeiffer, (Wendy Barrie-Wilson) is highly attractive in the role."
Anniston Star

"Ms. Barrie-Wilson is extremely touching…"
Montgomery Advertiser