Painting Churches
by Tina Howe

Directed by William Partlan



Cast: Wendy Barrie-Wilson as Mags Church
          Patricia Fraser as Fanny Church
          James Carruthers as Gardner Church



"In a three-person drama, each member of the cast must be excellent. Each is…a masterful portrait…Barrie-Wilson shows us an artist who can paint her parents because she has actually seen them for the first time." Montgomery Advertiser

" ...that rare occurrence: a thoroughly engrossing evening. Just as certainly we identify with Barrie-Wilson‘s Mags…" Alabama Journal

"….a revelation. (Mags) is a difficult part, the artist - a character so often exaggerated that it’s nearly impossible to represent on stage. Ms. Barrie-Wilson keeps her performance in a fine tension between Mags’ new independence as a painter and old dependency as a daughter."
Atlanta Constitution