Uncle Vanya     by Anton Chekhov
Wendy Barrie-Wilson as "Yelena" and Hal Holbrook as "Uncle Vanya"

"Wendy Barrie-Wilson is a luminous beauty as Yelena."  WKK Showtalk

"Wendy Barrie-Wilsonendows Yelena, the woman whom both Astrov and Vanya are smitten, with intelligence and dignity." The Beacon Journal

"Wendy Barrie-Wilsonas Yelena listens to Sonya confess that she loves Astrov, but her head keeps turning toward the door, thinking of him herself. Her Yelena is a beautiful, weak woman..useless, unhappy, she still has our sympathy." 
The Plain Dealer
Great Lakes Theatre Festival

directed by Gerald Freeman

With: Hal Holbrook, Wendy Barrie-Wilson, Robert Foxworth,, Annalee Jeffries, Neil Vipond,Betty Low, Jacqueline Coslow, Jim Hillgartner, Kevin McCarthy, Ron Miller.


Wendy Barrie-Wilson as "Yelena" and
Bob Foxworth as " Astrov"