Student Comments Re:“Playing Shakespeare” Seminar with Wendy Barrie-Wilson.

English Honors / 
Northeastern University

Maya Kogan – “ I tremendously enjoyed the workshop. I thought Wendy Barrie-Wilson was just amazing. She made me see Shakespeare in a whole new light.”

Melissa Patterson – “ She made the plays real to me, instead of reading words and trying to decipher their meaning. I was able to grasp the passion, hatred or despair the character was feeling, not just what they were talking about.”

Doug Ticson – “I thought her ability to stop the workshop, step into character, and perform a speech was amazing. I’d never seen acting done like that.”

Lily Moriarty – “It is so exhilarating to see someone act out a scene in a way you can relate to”

Sarah Dobson – “ I liked how she dove right into the topic by talking about her experiences as an actress. Her first hand knowledge made me a lot more interested in what she had to say because I knew she was not just spitting out what she had learned in college. I have never been interested in the theater, but she made me want to run to the nearest stage and start screaming out lines of Shakespeare to anyone who would listen to me.”

Sarah Asrtid Paulson – “ Overall, it was a privilege watching Ms. Barrie-Wilson work. It is not often that you get to watch someone that good work on her art right before your eyes.”

Sara La Capra – “Wendy Barrie-Wilson’s exercises in interpretation were meaningful to me because they demonstrated that interpretation is about making “choices.” 

 "First Quilt"

This is based on a quilt I finished when I was 18. My Mother (and Nana) had begun it when Mom was a girl.  Over the years with all the washings, it was fraying badly. After repairing it this past year I decided to make parts of it last longer by painting some of the pieces that had the most memories for me. Some of these fabrics were my Nana's dresses, some my Mom's and some mine from the clothes I made in the 60's.